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Are you paying a student loan bill every month, and the balance never goes down, or is the amount for student loans you owe so huge it's debilitating. Are student loans affecting your ability to function and enjoy life? This is a fixable problem. We have eliminated student loan debt and forced lenders to accept payment plans

About our Student Loan Elimination

The Law Office of Edward Hanratty has eliminated $689,271.00 in Student Loans (Federal and Private Loans) in the past two (2) years. 

Our office has discharged/eliminated Student Loans from the following lenders: Discover, N.A; KeyBank, N.A; Citibank, N.A; ReliaMax; NJCLASS; NJHESAA; Navient; PNC Bank, N.A ; Well Fargo, N.A;  and Lincoln Technical Institute; and more...

Image by Siora Photography

The guy for student loans and BK! The front office (Arely) down to Mr. Hanratty is kind, professional, and always available when you need them. He helped me win my case twice with NJ Class, even after they pulled all sorts of stunts and got the case reopened. I'm forever grateful for their help!

Image by Kimberly Farmer

Federal Student Loans 


MAY 1, 2022

When President Biden took office in January he pushed the Federal Student Loan Moratorium from September 30, 2021 to January 31,2022. On Wednesday December 22, 2021, President Biden postponed the Federal Student Loan Moratorium one more time to May 1, 2022. Read More

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