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Your bankruptcy case is not a box of cereal.

What I mean is, your bankruptcy case is a set of facts, a situation, that is very personal to you. bankruptcy is not a one size fits all solution. Does a carpenter think the solution to every problem is a nail? Well, a lot of lawyers think the solution to any financial problem is bankruptcy. It might not be. You need to feel like you are getting personal advice for your situation, not "off the rack" advice that gets offered 20 times a day to 20 different people. Turning legal advice into a commodity, like a box of cereal, is a big disservice to clients, the public and the country. If we are a nation of laws, and the laws are the glue that binds us together, they have to be fair- and the only way for them to be fair is for individual people to get the personal attention to their personal legal problems so that everyone really feels like the law works for them, rather than its a one size fits all product. It's not a product, it a service that is meant to help people. Years ago, for my bankruptcy clients, I wrote a book called "make money going broke". It was tongue in cheek but had a grain of truth. By giving individual, in-depth attention to each client that walks in my door, have discovered thousands of dollars that are due to people who think they have nothing. The sens of oppression that you get when filing for bankruptcy, after being hounded by creditors for months or years, is overwhelming, and that's where a good lawyer will come in. A good lawyer will not concede that you are a failure, that you should be treated poorly, or be ripped off because you file for bankruptcy. You and our legal system need lawyers who can make the legal system work for you, not against you. If your case is just one of thousands, a commodity like a box of cereal, it's not a legal system, it's a people processing apparatus That is bad for everyone..

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