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At our law firm, we have been protecting people from financial ruin for 25 years. We can help you get out of debt, get out of a bad deal, get your student loans under control, stop foreclosure and repossessions, wage garnishments and bank levy, get your mortgage back on track and help you with many other problems. We can help you get treated fairly.

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Bankruptcy can provide relief from creditor harassment, wage garnishments, and foreclosure.


Understanding what is, and what is not, a mortgage is the key to knowing your rights.

Students Loans

Knowing if a student loan is from a private or government lender is important when you are dealing with a student loan problem. Different laws govern the different types of student loans.

Consumer Protection

Every time you do anything involving money, buy, sell, borrow or loan, you are protected by the consumer protection laws. There are hundreds of state and federal laws that protect you if you find yourself in a bad deal.

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Why choose The Law Office of Edward Hanratty?

Our attorney has more than two decades of experience assisting consumers with debt-related matters.

We understand that financial challenges are stressful, and we work alongside you to find the best options for resolution.

We are aggressive advocates for your legal rights and best interests. We will fight to keep you secure in your home.

From mortgage debt to student loans, warranty issues to bankruptcy, we have the skills and resources our clients need for success.


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Attorney Edward Hanratty has focused 20 years of legal experience on the needs of consumers with financial challenges.

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  • Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and goals.
  • Mr. Hanratty will thoroughly explore your situation and identify all possible options for relief.
  • Together, we will collaborate to determine the best options to resolve your problem and maintain your security.
  • We pride ourselves on being communicative and transparent throughout the legal process. Lawyers and clients have a relationship. Like any relationship, everyone has to be honest, forthcoming and transparent. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time
  • We will work with you and give you the best advice we can to achieve your goals.

Asked Questions

Bankruptcy is a legal process where a specialized court decides what debts must be paid, and what will not be paid, when a person becomes unable to keep up with their financial obligations.

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Mortgages are loans with the repayment of the loan guaranteed by land. If the loan is not paid, the land is seized. Mortgages are regulated by state and federal laws to protect borrowers.

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A consumer is anyone who buys something, borrows money, or spends money on anything. Consumers are protected by hundreds of state and federal laws, like warranty laws, lending laws, and fair practice laws.

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Student loans are loans used to pay for education. They are governed by complex state and federal laws.

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